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On 14th Apr,2017,as a request of a Japan Company(called A company), our engineers came to site to help the installation, commissioning, calibration for them. The gas detectors they bought are YT-95H-HCN-A stationary type.

After detail checking, the onsite installation and using environment problems are as follows:
1. Part of installation site had water vapor and condensation.
2. There was strong magnetic field radiation which would cause misreport.
3. When doing installation, the ground line of the detector can not be co-located with other equipment.
4. The probe were not enough.
5. Part of the probe were installed in an assembly line which is not convenient to observe and maintain.
6. The detectors should be calibrated every 3 month in highly corrosive environment to guarantee the accuracy.
7. During the inspection, we found the temperature and humidity equipment were ineffective, which could not be used for monitoring the site conditions.
8. There had false alarm with hand touch on site.

Because the detected gas is highly toxic and harmful gas, our company paid high attention to this operation. We negotiated with Environment and safety department, production department, engineering department, technology department and other related departments of A company and formulated a on-site inspection and calibration plan. The details are as below:

1. all the operations will be arranged in the designated ventilation areas in outside.
2. Our company arranged an engineer to check and record the onsite installation and using environment problems of the detectors. A company arranged 2 equipment engineers to remove and bring the devices to designated area in point 1.
3. Our company arranged an engineer to do calibration, data records for the gas detectors. A company arranged an equipment engineer, a metrology engineer, 2 environment and safety engineers to supervise and record all the operations and datas.
4. The operation site was set up by A company in outside, including tables, chairs, arbor, scaffolds.
5. Our engineer filled out the calibration report on-site.
6. All the related equipments, calibration gas, tools were supported by our company.
After 6 hours hard working, we finished all the inspection, commissioning, calibration work and the results was qualified by the authority department of A company.

Our solutions:
1. We advise the customer to install ventilation equipment to ensure the purity and the dryness of the using environment.
2. The detectors should be installed at least 5 meters away from the strong magnetic field.
3. Strengthen the inspection and remove the corrosion effect to the environment.
4. Advise the customer to replace a new effective temperature and humidity meter.
5. When doing the inspection and calibration, the workers should wear insulating gloves to avoid the misreport. We’ll add conductive processing technology, testing this model gas detector to solve the problems from the root in coming order.

Besides, the customer put forward a series of questions about the usage, calibration, maintenance and other related issues at the scene. Our engineers gave all the professional practices and teaching on site. As a result, A company was very satisfied with our service and techniques and spoken highly of our professional management, fast response, and high quality products performance.

“You are really specialized in the gas detectors and you deserve this slogan”. The CEO of A company said. He made a commitment, the mass order would also purchase from us soon and hope we could help more about the gas detection dilemmas and provide comprehensive service and professional guidance of the production, management, personal safety, social images, etc to them. And give security escort to their enterprise development.

Hulunbeir food industry has been cooperated with us since 2011 and it’s our loyal partner.

Because of the needs of production, they need to store ethane tanks. As well know, Ethane is a flammable and explosive gas whose explosive limit is 2.5% (lower) -15.5 (upper). In order to give the staff of a more assured security environment, after several times inspection and checking from various gas detector manufactures, they started cooperation with us in 2011.

What make us impressed were the the concepts of the leaders of the company, he though the safety and quality are much more important than the cost and emphasized the quality must be passed by the related government departments. Based on above needs, we formulated a detailed alarm system immediately. Below are the partial monitoring points:

At the beginning, this company checked our production capacity, marketing, after-sale service, profession and technical personnel by different ways. After strict selection, then came to our company for a visit. With the use of instruments, they are assured of our quality.
In recent years, they have repeatedly purchased a lot of alarms and gas detectors. Once they confirm the quantity of the order, we will send to them directly, which has formed a tacit understanding in the years of cooperation.

One day in 2016, a company as a apple iphone PCB supplier had a collective nitrogen poisoning.  At the time the workers were working within the 4th floor workshop and appeared the unwell symptom such as dizziness. Some workers even fainted at the scene. Police said more than 50 people were sent to hospital for treatment. All the company closed. The safety department said if the factory cann’t install the corresponding gas detection instruments, the staff would not be able to start working, which caused huge losses. Their supplier team found our engineer and visited our company to place an order immediately the next day. Although it’s on Sunday, all our engineers came to company to prepare the 30 sets oxygen gas alarm to solve customers problems.

On the third day after accident, all the gas detector of YT-95H-N2-A were installed in the factory and got passed by the safety department, which solved the urgent worries successfully.

All the staff of Unitec, hope the injured people in this accident can recover soon and come back the work. At the same time, we call on that all the company leader should pay attention to the possibilities of risks and prevent in ahead to avoid any accidents.

There are many mining accidents, chemical gas leak every year which are not far from us. Making countless families fragmented but it’s not a natural disaster. We have the ability to prevent the occurrence by installing a gas alarm where it’s possible to leak and control every industrial process strictly.

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