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Due to the safety requirement of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical plant should be sterilized strictly, and meet the requirement of clean area. As we know that, ozone is kind of broad-spectrum fungicide, it can kill bacterial reproduction, germ, virus, fungus, and it can damage the botulinus toxin. Because ozone molecule is not stable, so it will not pollute the air and water after disinfection. Therefore, most pharmaceutical factories use ozone for sterilization in recent years.

Usually, there are two ways for disinfection:

1). Air disinfection: ozone can kill the microorganism in the air. Release 20m/m3 ozone to the area, and last for 30min, at least 90%  natural bacteria in the air will be killed. We suggest the measure range 0-20ppm.

2). Object surface disinfection: ozone can kill the microorganism on the materials, but takes longer time. Release 60mg/m3 (28ppm) to the area, under the RH≥70%, last for 60min~120min. We suggest the measure range 0-50ppm.

ozone is toxic, the permissible concentration in the air is 0.2mg/m3(0.1ppm). So if you want to measure the ozone remains after the disinfection process, we suggest the measure range 0-5ppm.

Because during the disinfection process, the area should be enclosed, so according to the requirement, we add data storage function to our portable ozone gas detector. Customers just need to turn on the detector, and leave it at the disinfection area, the detector will start to measure and log the detected data. After the disinfection is finished, take the detector out and check the historical data to see if the ozone concentration meet the demand of the disinfection.


We can also supply the fixed wall mounted ozone gas detector. The detector is with relay signal output, which can control external devices. Usually, customers would like to connect the ozone detector to the ozone generator. During the disinfection process, when the ozone concentration in the room is getting up to the specific level, turning off the generator automatically; and when the ozone concentration getting down to a low level, turning on the generator again. Therefore, the disinfection process is automatically, which will be more convenient and safe.

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