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safegas service

We provide guarantee of 12months, free charge of repair under correct operation. We will response to your inquiry 24h x 7 days, and provide you technical support through email and phone calls in time.


Inquiry response time

For phone calls, will be respond within 1h.
For emails, will be respond within 1 day.
For fax, will be respond within 4h.
For letters from post office, will be respond within 3 days.



Warranty: 12months
Valid period: from the date of shipment
Warranty certificate: sales contract, PI, warranty card


Repair policy

If there is problem of the detector really, and customer wants to repair the detector, customer can send the detector back to us, and we will test and repair the detector.

Circumstances that not included in the warranty.

  • Disassemble or transform the detector privately without authority of the manufacturer.
  • Operate the detector in situations that exceed the measure range.
  • Problems due to the bad environment, such as high humidity, high temperature, dust, etc.
  • Damages caused by man-made.
  • Damages caused by force majeure, such as natural disaster.
  • No valid certificates, such as contract, PI, warranty card, etc.

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Glad to serve our clients and we will get back to you as soon as possible. thank you for your support!

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