• Safegas Value

Corporate Vision

As the company’s vision and long-term goal, guiding Safegas to focus in gas detection control field and provide gas detection solutions to project customers and end-users. With continuous innovation, personalized, customized products and solutions, we can meet the specific needs of customers. The global brand needs global vision, and safegas has been the focused on the customer’s demand for decade, aiming to become the leading gas detection brand in the world.

Enterprise Mission

Interpretation as a business reason to exist, Safegas is in the manufacturing industry of gas detector and gas alarm. Our business is about to life security, So always put it in top priority. We have listened to our customers’ opinions, combined with the experience of countless cases over the years. Based on the spirit of people-oriented and product quality, Safegas has been committed to the development and innovation of gas detection products. These are the specific performances of the “high speed and accurate detection to protect people’s safety” It’s also the glorious mission given by the history.

Core Values

Perfect services – create value for customers and focus on customer satisfaction and success;
People-oriented — let employees achieve their dream and create a stage without limits;
Innovation and breakthrough -closely connected with the market, pursuing first-class speed and efficiency.

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